Are you fed up with all the STUFF?

Gift-giving opportunities are everywhere and are seemingly ever-increasing. We live in a society that is so focused on materialism, that common sense sometimes gets thrown out the window.

People just don’t need more STUFF. But many companies are profiting from desperate gift-givers trying in vain to find meaningful gifts — especially last-minute gift-givers.

GiftCaring is the opportunity to give a truly meaningful gift without the STUFF — by gifting donations to the recipient’s favorite charity in a dynamic, public way.

Crowd Gifts

Start fundraisers on behalf of someone you care about, on behalf of a cause they care about.

eCard Gift

Give a digital greeting card to someone you care about, with a donation to a cause they care about.

Inspired Donations

Gift a donation, start a fundraiser, or a share an existing fundraiser for a charity that inspires, on-the-go.

Gift Tracker

See all of your gifts, donations, fundraisers and favorite causes in one simple to use interface.

How it works:


Decide on what type of gift to give: individual * or crowdgift™ **.


Pick the media content for the card and create your gift message.


Pick a charitable organization that best reflects the gift recipient's passions.


A dollar amount is allocated to the charity of choice and the gift is sent.

*  The individual gift allows the giver to send an ecard with the embedded donation gift details directly to the gift recipient.

** The crowdgift allows the gift-giver to crowd-source the gift and invite any number of other gift-givers to contribute via a shared ecard with the donation gift details.

Voilà! ​A lame gift is averted, one less greeting card is landfilled, and a gift in someone’s name is given to a vetted charity… Serenity now!


The inspiration for GiftCaring comes from the founder’s perpetual struggles to find meaningful gifts for his mother on a variety of occasions. Like most moms, she is notoriously hard to shop for. She certainly doesn’t need or want more STUFF. And it doesn’t help that her son often starts shopping the night before the occasion.

The Future of GiftCaring:

Currently, GiftCaring is an iOS app with plans to build out a full web interface and a corresponding Android app. GiftCaring is an ecommerce company that facilitates a creative approach to gift giving. Please let the GiftCaring team know what you think about your experience. Help us make more gifts into meaningful experiences, without all the STUFF.


Thank you,
The GiftCaring Team

Socially Conscious Gift Giving

For the next holiday, birthday, or special occasion, give the gift of caring.